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Open Letter to Alameda City Council About SunCal

Open Letter to Alameda City Council About SunCal

First, a few stats on SunCal (I’m sure you know these, but I want to stress SunCal’s history)

SunCal Bankrupt Projects:

Do we want to get into this mess?:

More unfinished work – specific to those things promised to the city:

Maybe we ought to consider finding a company that isn’t in Bankruptcy ELEVEN times!

No matter what shiny new face SunCal has put on their proposal for Alameda, it is clear they have some cleaning up in other locations to do before they can commit to us. It is beyond reason that a company should woo yet another project when they have so much to do to complete what they started. I liken it to the AIG Executives who are still getting enormous bonuses this year, despite their clear failure. If your gardener did not mow the lawn or trim the hedges as expected, there is no way you would pay to have them back. If someone told you about their gardener doing this poor job, you would not hire them. Why is this so different? What is it about SunCal that seems so sweet and delicious that all eyes are averted from their history? History is our best teacher – don’t waste our money and precious resources and don’t subject Alameda to the arduous and expensive task of finding someone to finish the job SunCal proposes!

We can do better! Let’s gather our collective selves and find a great solution for Alameda Point. We can do this together!

With respect for all you do on our behalf,

– Shalom Bruhn, Alameda

1 comment to Open Letter to Alameda City Council About SunCal

  • Alan

    I sort of feel sorry for SunCal. Seems like they are the Oakland Raiders of the real estate development business.