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Kathy Moehring of the West Alameda Business Association (WABA) May Be Violating Association Bylaws

Updated October 28th, 10am: Absentee ballot for voting.
Alameda merchants contacted Action Alameda News with concerns about a mixer that West Alameda Business Association (WABA) Executive Director Kathy Moehring is organizing tonight at the Bladium. Apparently, Ms. Meohring is insisting that WABA members must be present at the mixer to vote in WABA board elections. But that doesn’t jive with the WABA bylaws obtained by Action Alameda News.

Some West Alameda merchants asked Ms. Moehring about a statement in a recent e-mail to members about the mixer, which included the phrase “Ballots will be provided and voting will take place at this mixer.” Evidently Ms. Moehring made additional emphasis on this point – that voting will take place at this mixer.

But the WABA bylaws, obtained by Action Alameda News through a public records request and dated February 2008 suggest otherwise. In ARTICLE 5 MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS, The bylaws read:

Section 4 Voting at Annual Meeting of Membership
Each business constitutes one membership (one vote), unless more than one association membership is paid for and maintained in good standing. BIA members in good standing shall be entitled to cast one (1) vote in person or by proxy. Members-at-large shall be entitled to cast one (1) vote, in person or by written proxy, providing dues have been paid current at least 60 days prior to the vote.

This indicates that WABA members need not attend the mixer or any event in person to vote – they can vote by written proxy instead.

Seems that someone needs to remind Ms. Moehring of her organization’s bylaws.

Action Alameda received a copy of this absentee ballot below, which must be signed and dated. Regarding this ballot, which must be signed and dated by the signatory, some WABA members wonder if this violates WABA bylaws covering secret ballots.

If you are a WABA member and unable to attend the mixer at the Bladium please, fill out the ballot below and return to WABA by 4PM Wednesday, October 28th.


The following nominees have agreed to the responsibilities of the Board of Directors according to the Board of Director’s Training Manual for the California Main Street Program. These responsibilities include:
• Regular attendance at monthly Board meetings, special Board meetings, and individual meetings with the Executive Director.
• Each Board Member commits to an active role as an Officer and/or Committee Member.
• Each Board Member also agrees to serve as an advocate for downtown revitalization.
• Term is 3 years unless filling specified unexpired term

There are 4 board vacancies
Please select four (4) candidates by placing an X next to each name.
Fold the ballot and place it in the ballot box at the mixer or return to WABA office by 4:00p Wednesday, October 28 in order to be counted. You may email your selection to


___ John Mascali Burger King
___ Chris Pieda Back to Health
___ Sandip Jariwala Hawthorne Suites


___ Jeff Cambra Alameda Currents (to fill one year unexpired term)


___ _________________________________________________________

___ __________________________________________________________

___ __________________________________________________________

For Absentee Ballots

I, the undersigned, am a member in good standing of the West Alameda Business Association and have selected this ballot of my own accord and without assistance.

Name ________________________________________ Date ___________

Address ______________________________________ Phone __________

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