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Alameda’s Planning Board says Kohl’s Advertised Illegal Extensions

By Erica Madison

Since October 12, 2009, Kohl’s has been asking Alameda’s Planning Board for an extended operating hours use permit. Unfortunately, Kohl’s illegal advertisements have made the Planning Board wary.

“I’m not going to authorize Kohl’s to extend hours after they have been advertising online unauthorized extensions to consumers said Planning Board member Lorre Zuppan

The Kohl’s Department Store in the South Centre Shopping Mall, has asked the Planning Board to extend their hours of operation. For 35 days beginning on Dec. 1 to Jan. 1, Kohl’s wants to extend their hours of operation until midnight. For 85 days throughout the year, the department store would like extend their store hours until 11:00pm.

“Kohl’s is dedicated to catering to our consumers, and this is what the customers want, said Kohl’s rep, at Tuesday’s Planning Board meeting.

Unfortunately, Planning Board member Lorre Zuppan, notes a few reasons why Kohl’s shouldn’t be accommodated.

“We have to remember this is a shopping center in the middle of a neighborhood. We need not only to think about the customers, but the neighbors as well”, said Zuppan.

Secondly, Zuppan says Kohl’s has failed to comply with Alameda City Council’s operating restricts. Although Kohl’s states that neighboring businesses operate under extended hours, Zuppan feels granting Kohl this extension would be unfair to businesses that do follow the rules.

Fortunately for Kohl’s, not everyone shared Zuppan’s opinion.

“What Kohl’s is asking for, doesn’t differ much from City Council’s orders”, said Planning Board Vice President Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft.

The Planning Board granted Kohl’s use permit for extended operating hours.

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