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AUSD Superintendent Letter Expresses Concerns Over Measure B

In a letter addressed to Alameda Families, Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) Superintendent Kirsten Vital raises questions about SunCal’s funding shortfalls for new schools at Alameda Point.

In the letter, the Superintendent writes of SunCal’s Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative, which will be on the February 2, 2010 ballot as “Measure B” :

As written, the initiative does not guarantee that any schools will be built as part of the development, nor does it address how potential school sites would be determined, Additionally, the District has questions regarding construction cost estimates and how any potential funding shortfalls would be addressed, The District also has concerns about the phasing of school construction and questions regarding which party would be required to bear the costs related to mitigating impacts on existing neighborhood schools

She also notes that “it appears unlikely that SunCal and the School District will be able to reach an agreement
before the February election.”

The full letter appears below.

AUSD Letter Re SunCal 12-2-09

2 comments to AUSD Superintendent Letter Expresses Concerns Over Measure B

  • Vania

    Somebody better educate Ms. Vital about the fact that no contract signed by a SunCal/D.E. Shaw development entity is binding on that entity if it later decides to file bankruptcy.

    If the developer entity files bankruptcy, all the school district can do is insist on payment of the minimum school-fee-per-square-foot which they are permitted to collect under California law, and those fees are not due and payable except under the complicated circumstances set forth in the law adopted by the Legislature. And, of course, the Building Industry Association of California’s lobbyists were the principal authors of that school fee law.

    And if Ms. Vital thinks that the parent companies of the SunCal/D.E. Shaw entity will be “bound” to any contract signed by their subsidiary, that is flatly not the case.

    A word of advice to Ms. Vital: Get cash up front or don’t acknowledge that your school district is happy with what the SunCal/D.E. Shaw project has provided for the community.

    Cash up front? It ain’t gonna happen.

  • barb

    Didn’t AUSD just hire their own attorney at taxpayer expense? I am sure that the attorney advised AUSD that SUNCAL cannot be forced to build or pay for any schools, parks, transit hub, regional sports facility, until, and only if, if SUNCAL builds and sells all the 6000 homes first. And then only if those amounts don’t exceed the limits that SUNCAL has built into the Initiative for the funds it has to pay. Aren’t the schools included in the $200 million limit for public improvements that the City estimates may exceed 375 million dollars already?