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Protect the Point Begins No on Measure B Campaign in Earnest

Alameda residents began finding something on their front doors yesterday – hangers from Protect The Point, urging voters to vote No on Measure B in the February 2, 2010 special election.

Measure B is SunCal’s Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative, and Protect The Point is the official opposition political action committee. One side of the hanger features a picture of a bespectacled man in a dress shirt and tie, tugging at empty pockets in his trousers, under the heading “Alameda Can’t Afford Measure B”

The reverse side says “Measure B Could Cost Alameda Taxpayers $500 Million” and lists several bullet points highlighting fee waivers unfunded infrastructure costs in the initiative.

Alameda Mayor Beverly Johnson’s picture is featured, as is Vice Mayor Doug deHaan’s, with the quotes “If passed, this measure will jeopardize the City’s long-term fiscal sustainability.” and “Measure B is one-sided and will cost us hundreds of millions of dollars. This is not our last chance to develop Alameda Point. We can do better.” respectively.

Protect the Point Door Hanger, December 2009

5 comments to Protect the Point Begins No on Measure B Campaign in Earnest

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  • Vania

    Nice of Her Honor the Mayor to allow her photo to be used in the campaign material AGAINST a ballot measure she previously SUPPORTED by allowing her voice to be used on SunCal’s robocalls asking people to sign the petition to get it on the ballot.

    It sure would have been nice if Her Honor the Mayor had read the initiative BEFORE recording her robocall messages.

    How much is this election costing the City of Alamenda?

    What a dingbat.

  • barb

    Yes, Vania, but she is our Mayor Dingbat. There are lots of intelligent, clear thinking and enlightened individuals in Alameda. How many can take a thankless 30 – 40 hour a week job humoring the diverse individuals in Alameda for $50 every two weeks and a base of $250? Would you like to run for Mayor? Invest months of work, tens of thousands of dollars, in the hopes of being elected to make decisions for your fellow citizens?

    Our council relies on staff to provide all the research to them to make all the decisions. When our figureheads are approached and wined and dined by those with time and money to do so, they feel flattered. When they finally saw the light, at least Matarrese and Johnson (on this issue) reversed position.

    Best not to expect too much from them. They may mean well, but even that is tempered by short-sighted political profit once in office.

  • RM

    SunCal gave the city council the initiative 48 hrs. before the signature gatherers started their campaign. Luckily, Councilman Doug DeHaan read the initiative and knew immediately it was a bad deal for Alameda.

    On the door hanger, Doug is quoted, “This is note our last chance to develop Alameda Point. We can do better.”

    Thank you Doug. We can do better and we must do better. NO is the only way to vote on Measure B.

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