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FISC Fire Clean-up Tab Tops $2 million

According to a December 2nd, 2009 City staff report to Alameda City Council, which also sits as the Community Improvement Commission (CIC) and the Alameda Reuse and Redevelopment Authority (ARRA), the clean-up bill for raising the former Army Medical Depot building that burned earlier this year has topped $2 million.

The former medical depot is also known as the FISC Hospital. The total figure to date provided in the report is $2,147,000, which has been paid for from the following sources:

FISC Lease Revenue $450,000
CDBG $97,000
ARRA Loan to CIC $1,600,00

(CDBG is an abbreviation for Community Development Block Grant.)

The money has been used for clean-up and disposal of debris from the fire, security and environmental monitoring. The $1.6 million ARRA loan comes from the roughly $12 million per year in lease revenue from existing tenants at Alameda Point. The developer of Alameda Landing, who was supposed to demolish the medical depot building, is Palmtree Acquisition Corporation (PAC). Although City staff note that PAC is required to reimburse the CIC for costs incurred in connection with the hospital demolition work, it looks like taxpayers are stuck footing the bill for the rest.

Staff estimates that full removal of the demolished structures and concrete will be complete by mid-December.

1 comment to FISC Fire Clean-up Tab Tops $2 million

  • Liz

    Between the FISC fire, the Jeff Delbono incident which left us with a 680K bill and overtime for all thr firefighters who trstified on Delbono’s behalf, not to mention attorney’s fees, the AFD is getting to be quite an expensive liability. Add to that Lena Tam’s fees and the pending lawsuits from Kapler, Highsmith and Gallant, and their recent inability to be decent human beings and wade out – or even talk to – Raymond Zack, and it becomes apparent their true cost is astronomical. One wonders why we haven’t voted them off the island.