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Jack London Square Ballpark May Aggravate West Alameda Traffic

It’s hard to imagine that a new ballpark in downtown Oakland, in close proximity to Jack London Square, won’t aggravate traffic problems through the Webster and Posey Tubes on game days.

6 comments to Jack London Square Ballpark May Aggravate West Alameda Traffic

  • barb

    Gee do you think that the Oakland A’s will contact the City of Alameda for its input? Or will it treat Alameda the way SUNCAL treated Oakland when it employed a “world reknowned” planner to design SUNCAL’s Point?

  • Clay Davis

    no, they won’t contact Alameda for that. Why would they? People don’t come to Alameda for any reason. and if some of the anti-developer, anti-change people had their way, people would never leave Alameda for any reason.

  • Clay, You’ve been brainwashed into thinking that “development” equates to “build as many housing units as you can.”

    We’re all in favor of development at Alameda Point – preserve the existing businesses – dozens of businesses and over 1200 people employed – and expand on the light industry that’s out there.

    Here’s a different vision for development at Alameda Point:

  • barb

    Mr. Davis, you ought to spend a few sessions in the Alameda County Criminal courts. You will see that many people do come to Alameda, at least to commit crimes and rip off the citizens. There is less competition here. And the amount of crime suffered is directly proportional to the distance from the tunnels and bridges. The further one gets from the egress/ingress points, the less crime.

  • Island Raised

    So, barb, the A’s stadium, by blocking these damnable tunnels, will stop these Non-Islanders from terrorizing Island Folk. And developing all of Alameda Point would help further. Tie the tubes! Autarky Alameda!

  • Alameda certainly has its own home-grown crime. However, based on the most recent FBI uniform crime report, Oakland has 6.5 times as much violent crime per capita as Alameda, and San Francisco has 2.82 times as much crime per capita.

    A ballpark downtown is likely to bring more potential perpetrators in closer proximity to Alameda. It’s not clear why anyone should be chastised for wanting to keep crime low in the city they live in.

    City Violent Crime per 10,000 Residents Index
    Oakland 197 6.56
    Emeryville 135 4.50
    San Francisco 84 2.82
    Berkeley 64 2.15
    Hayward 62 2.05
    Union City 60 2.00
    Alameda 30 1
    Fremont 29 0.95
    Walnut Creek 23 0.76
    Livermore 22 0.75
    Dublin 19 0.64
    Pleasanton 11 0.37