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Alameda City Council is Pleased with Police Department Deployment Plan

By Erica Madison

On December 1, 2009, the Alameda Police Department received rave reviews from the City Council.

“This is an efficient use of resources,” said Mayor Beverly Johnson.

On December 1, a representative for the Alameda Police Department presented the council with a police deployment report.

The deployment report included information on staffing levels, patrolling, and response standards.

“There is no perfect staffing model,” said the police representative.

Currently the Alameda Police Department has forty-seven police officers, eight sergeants, and three lieutenants. But the police representative explained that authorized staffing and actual staffing is never the same. There is always a 15-20 percent vacancy of personnel. This is due to paid leave, vacations, and sick days.

Several comparisons to the Alameda Fire Department were made.

Mayor Beverly Johnson was impressed with the police officers response time of 8 minutes.

“You guys, are much faster than the Fire Department, since you don’t have to put on all this equipment.”

The police representative also pointed out that unlike the fire department, national response standards don’t exist, because response times vary from department to department.

Mayor Beverly Johnson commended the department for having an exceptional response time, despite the reduction in police officers.

“Even though we have less police officers this year, everyone is stepping up,” said the police representative.

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