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MTC Approves Resolution to Reassign $35 million from Berkeley/Oakland/San Leandro Bus Rapid Transit Project to Operations Fund

Today, AC Transit announced that the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) voted to approve AC Transit’s proposal to reallocate $35 million in federal funding earmarked for the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project for service in Oakland, Berkeley and San Leandro to the general operating fund. AC Transit hopes to use the money to ameliorate proposed service cuts, but the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) will still have to approve the reallocation of funds.

The proposal reduces the current funding plan for the BRT project from $230.6 million to $195.6 million. (Scroll to page 6 in the link.)

SunCal had talked about implementing BRT between their proposed Alameda Point project and downtown Oakland BART stations, however, this resolution shows how perilous such proposals are – as times got tough, AC Transit looked immediately to raid the BRT fund.

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