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All of Alameda Point Would be Inundated in a Tsunami

New maps released by the California State Department of Conservation show that all of Alameda Point – and Bayport too, for that matter – would be inundated with sea water in the event of a Tsunami.

The Department says that the maps cover all the populated areas of California, and that they “represent a combination of the maximum considered tsunamis for each area.” A detailed poster explains that “California’s coast is vulnerable to tsunami sources that are distant, Pacific Rim subduction events and local, submarine seismic and landslide events” and that “Over 50 potential “worst-case” scenarios representing both local and distant tsunami sources were considered for 33 coastal populated areas.”

See the map for west Alameda, including Alameda Point and Bayport, here.

5 comments to All of Alameda Point Would be Inundated in a Tsunami

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  • barb

    Interesting data. Do real estate brokers, sellers, and lessors of property have to disclose these facts to potential clients? Can’t wait to see what Alameda Point EIR includes as mitigation for Tsunami Inundation added to Global Warming. Glad I am on old dirt in Alameda. Only thing I have to worry about is all those residents in the SUNCAL 6000 homes running me over before the wavies hit!

  • Clay Davis

    under california state law, any new development has to take into account so-called climate change. I was told by a SUNCAL (eviiiilll) caller that the point would actually be raised 18 inches in the course of construction.

    also @ barbara…yes realtors have to disclose that. Although it’s painfully obvious to me that if you live on an island that is mostly landfill, there’s a large level of risk involved in terms of natural disasters.

  • barb

    How can they raise the landfilled base by 18 inches? Is what they mean by cleaning up the contamination, simply covering it up with 18 inches of dirt? Of what will that 18 inches consist? The dredgings from the Sea Plane lagoon? So the berms that may have to be built around the entire Point will just be that much higher? Is that 18 inch increase anywhere in writing? This just gets more confusing all the time. Thank goodness I live on old, real Alameda dirt.

  • SunCal is promising a lot of things – raising the elevation of the land at Alameda Point, building dikes, etc. But where are those promises in the initiative? Not there. Those promises are worth the paper they are printed on.