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Is SunCal/DE Shaw Stiffing Peter Calthorpe Too?

SunCal and Lehman Brothers stiffed Cookie the goat over payments for Oak Knoll. The foreclosure documents for the West Side Albuquerque project in New Mexico suggest that SunCal and DE Shaw have stiffed a trucking and excavating company on payments. SunCal hired planning uber-guru Peter Calthorpe has been pretty scarce around Alameda of late. Is SunCal stiffing Peter Calthorpe too? We’ve inquired with Calthorpe to try to get an answer.

1 comment to Is SunCal/DE Shaw Stiffing Peter Calthorpe Too?

  • barb

    Anybody who places volleyball courts in an area subject to constant windtunnel is not a worldclass planner. He deserves to be “stiffed”.