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Alameda Councilmember Marie Gilmore Silent on Measure B

Earlier this year, we surveyed Alameda City Council members, including Marie Gilmore, for their sentiments on what is now known as Measure B, the Alameda Point Development Initiative. At the time, Councilmember Gilmore declined to take a stance.

At the time, Gilmore wrote “Since the Registrar of Voters has not certified the signatures for the initiative and more importantly, the City is still in negotiations with SunCal, I feel that it is inappropriate to comment.”

Since then, three members of council – Johnson, Matarrese and deHaan – have come out against Measure B and Gilmore has still not announced a position. We emailed Councilmember Gilmore to ask her for a position on Measure B, but she did not respond.

4 comments to Alameda Councilmember Marie Gilmore Silent on Measure B

  • barb

    I think her position was made very clear, along with that of Lena Tam, when they voted to give SUNCAL the campaign time SUNCAL asked for by putting it on the June Ballot instead of the February ballot.

    With the ENA or Exclusive Negotiating Agreement, that would allow SUNCAL to hope the results were subject to recount or to challenge the election results or procedures and thereby extend the ENA past its current deadline of July 2010. Having the election in February means all the brouhaha that SUNCAL will undoutedly raise if it loses the election, will most likely be over with by July 2010.

    The sooner we are rid of SUNCAL the better for our City.
    Councilmembers GILMORE and TAM both acquiesced to SUNCAL’s request for delay, which is clearly not in the City’s best interest. Taking a position against SUNCAL after the fact, would be merely climbing on the anti SUNCAL bandwagon for political gain.

  • Yahoo serious

    Didn’t she get us in this mess in the first place by out of the blue voting for SunCal when there were other developers more capable of filling in for the previously departed developer? Not convinced a lot of thought went into that vote.

  • RM

    Any politician who will not take a public stand on B should never be reelected to office in Alameda.

    This is the single most important election in Alameda’s history. To be silent is to betray the trust of the voters, in my opinion.

    Why, oh why, will Gilmore not take a public stand now?
    Why, oh why, will Tam not take a public stand now?

  • Betty

    If Ms. Gilmore is running for Mayor she should let Alameda know how she
    stands on Measure B. She won’t be getting my vote nor Ms. Tam.