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Alameda City Council member is Disappointed with Bay Farm Island Library Upgrade

By Erica Madison

“Bay farm Island Library is half the size of what it needs , to be of service to the community”, said architectural consultant Chris Noll.

$1 million from voter approved Measure O has allowed the city to give the Bay Farm Island Library some much needed upgrades. However it’s not enough money to give citizens’ what they really need; which is a larger library.

On Tuesday Dec. 15, 2009, Noll presented  City Council with an itemized report how he planned to use the  money to fix up Bay Farm Island Library.

For $1 Million the Bay farm Island Library will receive:

  • New Restrooms
  • New Windows  and Blinds
  • Remove Beams
  • Paint the Interior
  • New Service Desk, Computer Counter, Checkout Counter, Teen Counter,  and Self Check Out panel
  • New Carpet
  • New Entry Grate
  • New disabled accessible Bookshelves
  • New energy saving Lights
  • New Fire Alarm
  • New Service Gate
  • Stroller Parking
  • New Book Drop

Although the City Council members were happy with the upgrades, Councilmember Matarrese was disappointed with the addition of carpet.

“Why are we putting carpet in here? Can’t we use cork instead?”

Noll explained to the council that because of the location of the library, carpet would be easier to sterilize and maintain.

However, Matarrese was not satisfied with this explanation.

“Carpet may be cheap to install, but it’s expensive to maintain”, said Matarrese.

Noll continued to insist carpet would be better flooring for the library, because people track sand into the library which wears down cork floors.

Matarrese wasn’t satisfied with this explanation. He ordered Noll to redo the budget for the flooring to see if they could afford install cork instead.

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