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Local Teamsters Say No on Measure B

In a letter to members, Teamsters Local 853 Principal Officer and Secretary-Treasurer Rom Aloise encourages Alameda voters and members to vote no on Measure B.

The letter, dated December 21, 2009 and addressed “Dear Member and Alameda Resident:” explains that “They [SunCal] have promised jobs, but

    Measure “B” does not guarantee that a single school, park or building will be built.”

(Emphasis in the original.)

Aloise also writes that “SunCal’s nonunion, irresponsible development at Alameda Point is not one of the projects that I believe we can support. Not only will the project contain no guarantees to be built with Union Labor, but the developer is trying to leave Alameda voters to pick up the bill. My strong recommendation is:

    VOTE NO on Measure “B”, and join with us in this fight!”

(Emphasis in the original.)

The letter goes on to say that Assembly Member Sandre Swanson and Alameda County Supervisor Alice Lai-Bitker also oppose Measure B.

Here is the full text of the letter:

Teamsters Local 853 No on Measure B

4 comments to Local Teamsters Say No on Measure B

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  • Stan

    Suncal tried this same trick in Anaheim. The unions were also against their misleading promises. Google Suncal and you will be amazed at the antics of this builder.

  • barb

    I expect a bunch of slick glossy brochures to be coming out in support of SUNCAL. Am especially waiting for the one sponsored by
    “SENIORS WITH ALZEHIEMERS FOR SUNCAL”, to be followed by “SNOWBOARDERS FOR SUNCAL/ALAMEDA POINT”, “YACHTSMEN/SAILORS FOR THE NEW ALAMEDA POINT SUNCAL MARINA” and a last but not least, “LIBRARIANS FOR THE LIBRARY AT ALAMEDA POINT”. Of course these will come out too late for their credentials or legitimacy to be validated in time for the election.

    Unless you are a member of one of the organizations above or soon to be created in print by SUNCAL, read the 288 page Initiative that SUNCAL wants voters to approve for yourself. If you don’t have the time, or Ph.ds in economics, banking, the environment, municipal law, please review the diverse and legitimate persons and entities whose works and efforts in favor of Alameda and the earth in general you may be familiar with, and review what they have to say about SUNCAL and MEASURE B:

    Trust Mayor Johnson, Councilmember DeHaan, the Sierra Club, the Chamber of Commerce, the Alameda County Democratic Party, Teamsters Local 853, Alameda Labor Council, Alameda Unified School District, Councilmember Mataresse, and others who have indicated they have thoroughly reviewed Measure B, and indicated their lack of support and or outright opposition to SUNCAL’s Meassure B.

    Voting starts Jan 4. 2010, by absentee, or in person at the Alameda County Regtistrar’s Office at 1225 Fallon Street, in the basement. Vote early, don’t risk a last minute diversion, rain or illness. Tell your friends, carpool. Do it now.

  • barb

    Just opened my mail! SUNCAL managed a stroke of genius and combined my predicted “SENIORS WITH ALZEHEIMERS FOR SUNCAL” with the “LIBRARIANS FOR THE LIBRARY AT POINT” with a letter by Honora Murphy.

    I was wrong on SUNCAL’s use of the glossy 8 X 12 that was popularized with Arlo Guthries “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree” and the crime of littering. [If you Google the song, a Pop up of it comes up. This is just about the best thing I’ve encountered in this campaign!] SUNCAL is trying to dupe voters into believing regular Joes and Janes are writing the letters, with an ersatz down to earth simple approach. SUNCAL apparently pays for the “homey” letters listing its address at the Point. Unfortunatley nothing in Ms. Murphy’s letter is true. There will be no library under SUNCAL at the POINT, unless SUNCAL makes hundreds of millions to get us taxpayers off the hook. And the only way SUNCAL does that is to sell 6000 homes to people who don’t mind driving 25 minutes to get to the freeway. I think hell freezes over first.