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City of Alameda Employees Top Readers of Action Alameda News in 2009

An analysis of reader traffic for the year shows that – excluding visits from residential internet users – City of Alameda employees are the top readers of Action Alameda News for 2009.

Excluding visits from private internet users accessing the internet via residential service providers such as Comcast, AT&T, Verizon and Road Runner, people using computers from the City of Alameda and Alameda Municipal Power (nee Alameda Power & Telecom) were the most frequent to access Action Alameda News during the year. Following close behind, no doubt due to our coverage of Measure B, is SunCal and Singer Associates, SunCal’s local PR firm.

Also in the top five of non-residential readership is the Alameda Point Collaborative, whose Executive Director, Doug Biggs, is proponent of Measure B. The Alameda Point Collaborative also had a booth sponsored by developer Catellus at the Webster Street Jam this year.

Here are the top five non-residential sources of Action Alameda News readership for 2009:

1. City of Alameda
2. Alameda Municipal Power (Alameda Power & Telecom)
3. SunCal Management
4. Alameda Point Collaborative
5. Singer Associates

1 comment to City of Alameda Employees Top Readers of Action Alameda News in 2009

  • barb

    Now if only SUNCAL could read the voters’ minds and go back to wherever it sprang from and let Alameda alone. Send Tramatola et. al. searching for happiness in his Italian villa, and the rest of the hired henchpersons off to other battlefields. Better yet, put the blind pursuit of profit and money for moneys sake into the wastebasket. Life has more meaning than the measurement of money. Alamedans have learned that there is a jewel of an island in San Francisco bay. Its residents have chosen time and time again to preserve the quality of life as we know it, over promises made by developers and “hedgehogs”. Let us keep Alameda a place where families and others keep coming back to and calling “Home”.