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SunCal Behind Brad Shook Letter on Measure B to West-end Residents

This week, some west-end Alameda residents received a letter about Measure B “From the desk of Brad Shook,” the President of the Bladium Sports and Fitness Club at Alameda Point. It came in a SunCal envelope.

As-is typical of SunCal’s propaganda, the letter – which we refuse to republish, as we don’t want to give SunCal free publicity – falsely states that the City of Alameda spends over $12 million per year in taxpayer dollars to maintain the former Navy base at Alameda Point. As we have shown previously, over the long term, revenues from Alameda Point, including lease revenue from existing tenants exceeds the costs to maintain the base. And not once has the total annual expenditures to maintain the base exceeded $12 million.

There are other falsehoods in the letter, but the key point is that the letter isn’t really from a local business owner – it’s from the developer that sponsored Measure B.

An examination of the envelope that the letter arrived in is printed with a return address:

Revitalize Alameda point, with major funding from SCC Alameda Point LLC and Cal Land Ventures LLC. 851 West Midway, Alameda, CA 94501.

Action Alameda previously reported that 851 West Midway is the office space that SunCal is leasing in Alameda for their campaign. Ironically, through their lease, SunCal is paying part of the expenses to maintain the base.

Brad Shook Letter West End SunCal

5 comments to SunCal Behind Brad Shook Letter on Measure B to West-end Residents

  • barb

    Don’t know who this Shook guy is, but he is not very honest or maybe just hasn’t bothered to read the Initiative. Before I cite as truth what someone tells me to another, I verify it. But here we have someone who is making false representations about the POINT, for the express purpose of having others [who he hopes are just as lackadaisical in their review of the facts] rely on those misstatements. And to their detriment. Shame on him!! In the Penal Code of California, this is referred to as FRAUD. Whatever business he claims to own or run, should not be a place that Alamedans Patronize.

    This is exactly the type of last minute folksy “political recommendation” that slimy political campaigns use all the time. Usually they come out too late to be verified or dispelled. Anyone who is tempted to take these representations seriously should read the City Manager and School District Superintendent’s analysis of who will pay for what at the POINT. We know infrastructure and schools will come before libraries and recreational amenities. And these two key providers of basic facilities for Alamedans state that SUNCAL’s proposed 200 million is at least in 2009 dollars, 175 million dollars short. So if the public wants the things SUNCAL promised, the taxpayers are going to have to pay for them.
    Is Mr. Shook going to pay the additional $175 million?

  • Vania

    “with major funding from …. Cal Land Ventures LLC” This mysterious entity is apparently doing business in California, but has failed to register with the California Secretary of State, as a California limited liability company or as a foreign limited liability company.

    As a result, by not registering with the Secretary of State Cal Land Ventures LLC is operating illegally in California, let alone trying to influence California elections. Why am I not surprised?

    The other party providing major funding, according to Mr. Shook’s letter, is SCC Alameda Point LLC. The California Secretary of State’s office shows an Orange County address for that entity, and SunCal’s General Counsel Bruce Cook is the entity’s registered agent for service of process.

    Speaking of operating outside of the law, both entities recite an address at 851 West Midway, Alameda, CA 94501. I wonder if either of the two entities have bothered to pay for a City of Alameda business license?

  • barb

    How does one measure or collect business licensing fees from bankrupt and illegitmate entities? Bruce Vernon Cook is an Active member of the CA State Bar, located at 65520 Irvine, CA. Perhaps he can explain the lack of compliance with State and local law by those entities to which he provides legal counsel? Maybe they choose not to listen? Don’t care? You get what you pay for? His advice isn’t worth following? He doesn’t know what it takes to comply? The check is in the mail? We can only guess.

    How can anyone expect SUNCAL to comply with anything if Measure B passes? I have never seen a leopard change her spots.

  • The Misfit

    I myself am wondering why the No on B mailings I received come from an OAKLAND address! I thought the no on B people were supposed to be for helping alameda!

    hypocrisy, thy name is NO ON B! I will vote YES on B just to throw it in these CARPETBAGGERS faces. at least the SUNCALISTAS are intelligent enough to work out of an OFFICE in ALAMEDA!

  • Those color mailers are from the Alameda County Labor Council, which keeps an office at 100 Hegenberger Road in Oakland. They are not from the local PAC opposition committee, ProtectThePoint, which is organized in Alameda and run exclusively by Alameda residents. The labor council is opposed to Measure B because SunCal refuses to commit to using union labor. The Labor Council, Building and Construction Trades Council, and local Teamsters, all of whom who have come out against Measure B, represent union workers across Alameda County, including those in the City of Alameda.