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Mayor Johnson Expected to Announce Run for Second Term on City Council

Late on Tuesday, January 5, 2010, at the Blue Dot cafe in Alameda, Mayor Johnson is expected to announce her candidacy for Alameda City Council in the November 2010 election.

Johnson, who was first elected to Council in 1998, and then as Mayor in 2002, has sat for only one term on Council, thereby making her eligible for a second term, even after serving as Mayor for eight years, for a total of twelve years as Mayor and Councilmember so far.

Late last year, Johnson – perhaps sensing the mood of voters, and with one eye toward her City Council campaign – reversed positions on Measure B, the Alameda Point Development Initiative on the ballot this February 2nd. Johnson had initially lent her face to SunCal mailers touting the initiative and recorded an automated telephone message to Alameda residents urging them to support it.

Sources tell Action Alameda News that Johnson aspires to higher office, either a county supervisor seat, or perhaps even an assembly or senate seat in Sacramento, but feels that competition is too stiff this year. Ergo, she feels compelled to ride out another four years in Alameda until she thinks she can win elsewhere.

Johnson did not respond to e-mails asking for confirmation.

Also in attendance will be Alameda City Councilmember Frank Matarrese, who is widely rumored to intend to run for Mayor in November – we may see an announcement from him as well.

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