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Today’s Must Read: Michele Ellson at The Island Seems to Think That Measure B Opponents are Stupid and Ignorant

By choosing Measure B booster Chris Seiwald’s statement as the most quotable of Tuesday night’s joint City Council, AUSD meeting, is Ellson betraying what she really thinks of Measure B opponents?

4 comments to Today’s Must Read: Michele Ellson at The Island Seems to Think That Measure B Opponents are Stupid and Ignorant

  • home skooled

    nah, just you.

  • Typical, immature, anonymous personal attacks from the Measure B proponents…go figure, you’re still in school…

    OrgName: University of California San Francisco
    OrgID: UCSF
    Address: Room MU-G14
    Address: 500 Parnassus Avenue
    City: San Francisco
    StateProv: CA
    PostalCode: 94143-0225
    Country: US

  • barb

    I withheld judgment and thought perhaps just a different point of view. Until today. When the Island’s article ended with
    “Frankly, as a citizen, I resent being asked to cast a vote on this.” There are many countries where one is not permitted to vote, where the citizens are persecuted and exterminated under various political guises. It is a privilege to vote and an obligation to exercise that privilege to maintain that right.

    Don’t blame our elected officials and staff for not sitting down and putting together an agreement with SUNCAL. SUNCAL chose to ignore the work of all our citizens, then pre-empted the entire negotiation process with its version of an agreement which it is now trying to shove down our thoats. That is what makes me gag, not my obligation to vote. And people who think it is too much effort to put a stamp on an absentee ballot form, vote on the absentee ballot, and put another stamp on it and toss it in with your outgoing mail. Too bad. Less than a dollar in costs. Having had friends and relatives that fought and gave their lives for our freedoms and freedoms for other countries, if its too much trouble to vote, move somewhere where you don’t have that option, raise your children there. Not here.

    Put me in with the stupid and ignorant crowd, but keep me away from those who are so resentful that will complain about resolving differences by voting.

  • Seems the crackpot bloggers in Alameda – who don’t understand democracy – run legion….

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