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Financially Risky Measure B

Dear Editor,

Sure, I like changes for the better—I’m a longtime Realtor here who loves to see transformation and money well spent for improvements! However, I’m still waiting for the Navy to finish its clean-up process at Alameda Point, and still hoping for a developer I can trust, one which will effectively transform the Point for the betterment of all our citizens and taxpayers! Increasing numbers of people are paying attention and realizing that SunCal’s initiative, Measure B, stands for “Bad” Deal for Alameda!

After months of meetings and research regarding this developer’s ballot initiative, I count myself among the growing number of individuals and groups opposing Measure B. I applaud our Chamber of Commerce, our civic leaders, including the City Manager, Auditor and Treasurer, Mayor and council members, AUSD school board members and local labor unions that have pointed out discrepancies between the verbal promises SunCal makes and the detrimental effects of this potential “law” that would go into effect if Measure B passes.

There is absolutely no point in supporting a measure that would take control away from the City of Alameda and result in yet another costly, failed project initiated by SunCal, such as the nearby Oak Knoll fiasco and more recently the Alburquerque, New Mexico project where bankers have started foreclosure proceedings against D.E. Shaw and SunCal! Who can trust a company with 30 bankruptcies? Their glossy brochures and promises don’t jive with the facts and financial realities!

Don’t let Measure B become law. There’s no negotiating. We would be stuck with an expensive albatross on our shoulders! Keep the power where it belongs – with the City of Alameda and its citizens! Study the facts on and to volunteer, share them with your fellow Alamedans and remember to vote NO.

— Nancy Joy Gordon, Alameda

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