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Local Online News Blog Wimps Out on Measure B Endorsement

A local journalist who formerly reported for the Oakland Tribune, Contra Costa Times and San Jose Mercury News has refused to take an editorial position on Measure B for her online news blog.

Michele (Marcucci) Ellson, the self-declared winner of several journalism awards, and former reporter for the Bay Area News Group, owner of the Tribune, Times and the Merc, last week declared on her news blog, The Island, that she is decidedly undeclared on the matter of Measure B, volunteering only “I’ll be sitting this one out.” It’s not clear if she has decided only to not take an editorial stance on a ballot initiative that the Alameda Journal, Alameda Sun, San Francisco Chronicle, Action Alameda News and the East Bay Express have all published a position on, or if she intends to not go to the trouble to cast a vote in Tuesday’s special election either. However, Ellson does write “I’m reserving my vote for November” suggesting she’s not even going to cast a vote.

Not even bothering to cast a vote would seem to be consistent with the opinion of one of Ellson’s contributing writer-moms, Eve Pearlman, who recently wrote of Measure B “as a citizen, I resent being asked to cast a vote on this.” So much for exercising one’s constitutionally protected rights, denied to so many citizens of the world in countries other than our own.

More likely, Ellson’s afraid of offending, for reasons known only to her, one or more of her other contributing writers and local super-bloggers she groupies for, who have issued “Yes on Measure B” edicts.

5 comments to Local Online News Blog Wimps Out on Measure B Endorsement

  • barb

    The blog you refer to seems to have some well researched material. Its perspective is a bit naive and inexperienced. I just figure its written for the younger newbies in town and as such it has some very entertaining value. It doesn’t seem to have a grasp of the history that surrounds such voter revolts as Prop 13 and Measure A. Most who have been around before and after those two Initiatives wouldn’t challenge their value. And would understand that they were both put in place because politicians promise anything to get elected, but the realities of being in office create very short memories in those same elected officials. After watching candidate after candidate age from newly elected to termed out, and their mantras before election fall by the way side, over and over again, voters have learned the hard way to do it ourselves.

    We all understand where the money comes from. The days of reporters the quality of Lance Williams honing in on Ron Cowan and Willie Brown, or the Seattle Post Intelligencer reporting on the “Road to Nowhere” are long gone. Action Alameda seems to have a very strong dose of reality and understanding of history for the age of its writers. The depth of research of both its writers and commentors (bloggers?) never ceases to amaze me. I always learn something.

    No one would do Alameda service by just echoing any editorial recommendations, even those one agrees with, without more.

  • Nonetheless, it’s pretty typical for a paper to issue an editorial stance on an issue, and outline their own particular reasons for taking that position. It should be an expansion, and amplification – not merely an echo – of other recommendations. The Island hasn’t been afraid to take editorial positions in the past regarding school parcel taxes. And the suggestions that one should not even bother to vote…well, that’s just bizarre.

  • barb

    Summed up that way, it is pretty shallow to state one “resents” being asked to vote. And that one is sitting it out. I had thought of the writing as entertaining but not as life experienced as other blogs. If someone can’t be bothered to vote, he or she doesn’t have a vested interest in our City. And certainly hasn’t learned from the experience that humans obtained by serious omissions of action throughout recorded history.

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  • Alan2009

    Conduct such as Michele Ellson’s usually precedes that person being hired as a paid consultant to or employee of (1) a developer or (2) a major service provider to a developer.

    Paying consulting fees to get one’s articulate critics to shut up is a common practice in the real estate development industry. Always has been, always will be.

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