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Early UnOfficial Results on Measure B

Early, unoffical results on Measure B from the Registrar of Voters, based on vote-by-mail ballots:


No: 8,067

8 comments to Early UnOfficial Results on Measure B

  • Point Resident

    Yeah! Down with B! No more bankrupt, selfish developers to bend over the residents of Alameda.

  • Jenna

    Good job, everyone! You all saw through Suncal’s thinly veiled attempt to ream Alameda!

  • barb

    Only 1 out 5 fell for SUNCAL’s bag of tricks. And the NO on B were undoubtedly outspent 10 to 1. So far so good. Guess no one is in such a rush after all. I hope SUNCAL gets the message and takes its destructive and devisive ways some where else.

    If we can only turn this in for a real win for the citizens and get some leaders elected to office in November, we might stand a chance of doing something positive for the City of Alameda. Can a person be Mayor and City Manager at the same time? If so I’m ready to write in City Manager Gallant for Mayor.

  • SunCal outspent the opposition on the order of 30 to 1, but is losing on the order of 9 to 1….

  • barb

    My estimates were early and based on the past wins – expenditures on the original Measure A, the loss on Measure C to create an exception from Measure A (Save the Red Brick Building).

    Its nice to know that the support for the real Measure A, has not diminished. Chuck would still be up celebrating.

  • Someone else pointed out to us today that although they submitted over 8,000 signatures to get the initiative on the ballot, they garnered less than 3,000 signatures in the election. And yes, not enough people want to change Measure A after all…

  • barb

    I guess this confirms that SUNCAL duped 5000 people into signing the Petition. I guess so. Just goes to show you can fool some of the people, some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.

    Do you think SUNCAL learned a lesson and realizes that Alamedans actually like Alameda the way it is? Now if we only had a strong leader willing to jump into the fray instead of the developers’ sycophants.

  • There’s time between now and mid-July to run a SunCal Go Home! campaign…

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