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Final Measure B Results For Tuesday Evening

From the Alameda County Registrar of Voters:

Completed Precincts: 27 of 27
NO 11,947 84.93%
YES 2,120 15.07%

Action Alameda News estimates, based on filings to date, that SunCal outspent the opposition on the order of 30 to 1.

Protect The Point, the official opposition committee to Measure B, issued this press release as well:

Alameda Voters Reject Measure B

Grassroots, citizen movement defeats massive and expensive developer sponsored ballot measure.

Alameda- Election results clearly demonstrate Measure B has been defeated. The rejection of the developer sponsored deal and plan for Alameda Point is the result of a strong citizen based movement.

Protect the Point , A Committee Against Measure B, issued the following statement.

“Measure B was defeated by a massive community effort. Hundreds of volunteers walked to thousands of doors, activists spent hours researching the details of the proposal, local businesses contributed resources and elected officials publically opposed the plan. Protect the Point is just one of the groups that formed to defeat this measure and each group had a role and deserves the appreciation of the community.

The community united to defeat Measure B because it was a one-sided deal that would have harmed Alameda. The deal and the plan for Alameda Point are linked. You can’t have a bad deal and a great plan.

Any effort to develop Alameda Point must be based on the needs of the community and responsive to the impacts it will have on the region. The citizens of Alameda are ready to take a leadership role in developing Alameda Point. With Measure B defeated and behind us, the community and the City can now work to develop and implement a sustainable plan for Alameda Point.”

Protect the Point was the organization made up of groups and individuals opposed to Measure B. While the members of this campaign represent many views on the future of development in Alameda, the group is united in opposition to Measure B.

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