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City of Alameda Moves to Terminate SunCal

Updated: 9pm, February 6, 2010 – Added full text of Notice of Default document.

The San Francisco Business Times is reporting that the City of Alameda has taken the initial steps to terminate their Exclusive Negotiating Agreement (ENA) with SunCal for the development of Alameda, due to SunCal’s failure to meet mandatory milestones.

A letter from Interim City Manager Ann Marie Gallant to SunCal, a copy of which has been reviewed by Action Alameda News, explains that SunCal has delivered neither a voter-approved exemption for Measure A, nor a qualified alternate development plan. The alternate plan submitted by SunCal on January 14th does not meet the requirements in the City’s density bonus ordinance. To wit, the Interim City Manager closed the letter to SunCal with:

The City’s Charter and the ENA together require either submission of a non-Measure A compliant plan that has been approved by the City’s voters; or submission of a Measure A-compliant Optional Entitlement Application. SunCal has provided neither, thereby defaulting under the ENA for failing to comply with a Mandatory Milestone. If SunCal does not cure this default within thirty days, Alameda will have the right to terminate the ENA.

City of Alameda Notice of Default to SunCal

4 comments to City of Alameda Moves to Terminate SunCal

  • barb

    Yes! Way to go Ann Marie Gallant! Let us regressive types savor the old time small town family feel of this town a little longer. Put the staff to work designing a marina, and get Senator Feinstein to lend a helping hand for all that work Chuck did for SF way back when. See if we can’t just give back that dollar. Who ever heard of volley ball and tennis courts in a wind tunnel except Calthorpe anyway?

  • Bob

    If SunCal had ears and was capable of listening, they would hear the very loud NO that is reverberating allll over Alameda.

    What part of NO do they not understand?

    If anyone from SunCal et al is reading this, please let your cohorts know that the people have spoken. They said NO to your ideas.

  • Alan2009

    I expect SunCal will send their project to Judge Erithe Smith before the end of their exclusive negotiation contract, thinking they will get a better deal from her than from the people of Alameda.

  • Do you mean you think that SunCal will file bankruptcy for their Alameda Point specific entity, to try to keep from getting booted from Alameda?

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