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Interim City Manager Denies SunCal Allegations Over Density at Alameda Point

In an e-mail response to the City of Alameda’s Notice of Default to SunCal regarding the Exclusive Negotiating Agreement (ENA) between the City and SunCal, SunCal’s local representative Pat Keliher wrote “On numerous occasions, the Interim City Manager maintains that a Measure A compliant plan is not financially feasible. At several of our meetings, she has frequently sought additional residential and commercial densities in excess of the OEA plan, rather than a reduction in density.”

The Interim City Manager, Ann Marie Gallant, denies the accusation.

By e-mail, the Interim City Manager told Action Alameda News that “These statements are absolutely not true…neither myself nor the City Attorney saw this letter until mid-day today (Monday, February 8th)” SunCal’s Keliher evidently sent the e-mail on Saturday, February 6th, and leaked it to selected media outlets.

Gallant fended-off such rumors in December, in the heat of the Measure B election campaign, as we reported previously. At that time, she suggested that they were hyperbolic comments made in the heat of the election campaign. Now, SunCal has 30 days to cure the default on the ENA or risk having their negotiations with the City of Alameda terminated.

We wrote to a SunCal spokesperson to ask for specifics on the meetings or events to support Mr. Keliher’s claims. At press time, we had not received a response.

1 comment to Interim City Manager Denies SunCal Allegations Over Density at Alameda Point

  • Anonymous

    Why would anyone read or listen to, let alone believe, anything that SUNCAL said about anything? They are finished here. As Action Alameda recently seconded, SUNCAL and its record are replete with dishonesty and dishonor which the voters acknowledged in a landslide loss of epic proportions. The only reason there was movement (if any has actually occured) with the mess SUNCAL created at Oak Knoll, it is because of the distinct possiblity of action by the Alameda County District Attorney. If SUNCAL wants to throw more money down the drain, that is its right. Until July 2010 or before if what’s left of the Council, who are abandoning ship in more ways than one, gains some courage.

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