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ARRA Questions Clean up Work on Alameda Point

By Erica Madison

At a Feb. 3, 2010, Alameda Reuse and Redevelopment Authority meeting Council member Matarrese gave a progress report on the Navy’s cleaning of Alameda Point.

Matarrese attended the Alameda Point Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) meeting held on January 7, 2010. Based upon the information he received at the RAB meeting Matarrese is calling for a presentation on cleanup work done on Alameda Point. “I’d like to ask ARRA to get a technical summary and dollar amount of the cleanup that has been done to date,” said Matarrese.

Part of the remediation work the Navy’s been doing is removing and replacing radioactively contaminated storm drain lines found at buildings 5 and 400. These storm lines discharge into the Seaplane Lagoon. In building 400 RAB has recommended the removal of a contaminated discharge line of radium under the slab floor.

ARRA also sent a letter January 14, 2010, directing the Navy to remove the storm drain line in building 400, however the Navy has warned RAB and ARRA that the removal of storm drain line will compromise the structural integrity of the building.

RAB member Joan Konrad supported Matarrese’s request for a presentation on the work done at Alameda point. The council members also discussed how important it was for Alameda citizens to be aware of the work that has been done.

“$100 million spent and we don’t have a clue as to what has been done. People don’t know what’s going on in Alameda point. If we can educate people on what’s going on it will end a lot of confusion,” said an RAB representative.

Mayor Beverly Johnson warned everyone that the Navy may not comply with the request.

“The Navy is not always open about information as we would like them to be,” said Mayor Johnson.

“We can’t promise we’ll get as much information as we would like.”

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