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Alameda City Councilmember Matarrese Questions Street Pole Installment Plan

By Erica Madison

“I’m concerned fiberglass doesn’t hold up”, said Council member Matarrese at the Jan. 26 City Council meeting.

As part of the Woodstock to Webster Neighborhood Improvement Project, 25 fiberglass street poles will be installed. AZCO supply was the selected to perform the installation, which will cost $60,280. The project is funded from the Community Development Block Grant funds, which Alameda City receives from Housing and Urban Development.

Division manager Debbie Potter presented a report to City Council in which she asked for an approval to go ahead and let AZCO install the new street poles.

However, Councilmember Matarrese, was none too happy about fiberglass street poles. “I’m concerned that these don’t meet the standard for durability,” he said.

Matarrese made the point that installing the fiberglass was a waste of money if the city had to reinstall street poles only a few years later.

Vice-Mayor deHaan shared Matarrese concerns about the fiber glass.

Potter was not able to get approval from city Council to begin the installation.

Instead the Council continued the issue to the next meeting, where they will consider more durable alternatives.

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