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Alameda City Council Considers Changes to Multifamily Building Operations

By Erica Madison

“I don’t think it makes sense to change the requirements,”  said Mayor Beverly Johnson at Feb 3, City Council meeting.

Due to an increase in non-emergency calls to fire departments the City Council requested that City manager’s staff prepare a report on the building codes for multi-family buildings.

The problem with these non-emergency calls is that they are often about maintenance work such as leaky faucets or broken toilets.

“Our fire department is going on non-manager calls that should be handled by building managers, said Council member Gilmore.

Currently California State law requires that there be an on-site manager 24-7 and on-site contact information for the housing manager.

On-site 24-7 managers required for 16+ residential units and 12+ hotel or motel units.

Property managers contact information must be posted on-site for all 5+ residential properties.

In order to cut back on non-emergency calls the City staff provided City Council with  possible changes to  the Alameda housing code.

The changes include:

  • Performing Annual inspections to verify compliance with on-site manager requirement.
  • Adding compliance verification with on-site manager requirement at time of business license renewal.

Council members were more interested in enforcing the current housing code, than pursuing the work it would require to change the code.

“I don’t think we need to change the code since it complies with the state,” said council member Matarrese.

Mayor Johnson’s solution to the problem is to make on-site manager contact information public so on-site managers can meet with the fire department when a non-emergency call occurs.

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