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Some Folks in Denial Over Measure B Defeat

Dear  Editor:

Some folks are still in denial, like John Knox White, (Alameda Journal, “My Turn” Feb. 5), folks who think that SunCal’s plan for the Point was just fine, and that we opposed it only because of the messy details. Wrong. We opposed it for the very reasons he supported it — dense housing.

Five thousand new dwellings at the Point, because, well, they’ll just find a way to walk to work, or take the bus, unlike all the people who live here now, and all the people who live in Tracy and work in San Francisco. Yeah, right. In your dreams.

Perhaps they haven’t noticed that bus service in Alameda has been cut back, not increased, even as traffic has gone up noticeably. But newcomers like John Knox White, Lauren Do and Michele Ellson, (“The Island”), will come to their senses and realize that their devotion to the theory of housing density is an academic exercise, not realpolitix!

— Dennis Green, Alameda “No to SunCal Still”

1 comment to Some Folks in Denial Over Measure B Defeat

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who leaves the island on a regular basis during commute hours understands what Measure A and density limitations are really about: After decades of well meaning do gooders and politicians promising solutions, and planners saying their plans were world class and wonderful and would not cause more problems than the money they brought in to pay for solutions for their problems – none of that ever panned out. SO the people placed Measure A on the ballot. Simple. To the point, and above all EFFECTIVE.

    Decade after decade from filling the Bay by Utah Construction to building houses where farms had once been, developers have done what they do best which is maximize their profits and then leave us the traffic the developments generated. They then seem puzzled that we do not choose to erect monuments to them and their glorious visions. So they use their skilled politicos and get such things as the Road to Nowhere from Harbor Bay to the Airport at a cost of tens of millions of dollars. Who benefits? Why Gallagher and Burke or whoever is selling the asphalt that is poured and repoured onto the roadways that they leave us to drive on, while they leave town with their pockets jingling with gold.

    Instead of judging us to be old fogies, the newcomers should remember that they moved to an Alameda that would not exist were it not for Measure A and the hundreds and thousands of persons who have understood and fought for it from before they were even born. And whose children and replacements will continue to fight for it long after we are all gone. Density sounds nice, and it is nice. In Paris and New York and other sites that have great mass transit. We don’t. We can’t. So stop trying to sell us another bridge to ease the traffic caused by someone filing their pockets with gold. We see it. Maybe you will too before its too late.

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