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Non-profit Pushes to Keep Mif Albright Course Open by Running it

The “Keep the Mif Coalition” chalked up a success earlier this week when Alameda City Council voted 5-0 to direct the City Manager to dig deeper into the idea of handing over operation of the 9-hole Mif Albright golf course to a citizen-run non-profit.

We wrote last year about what must be the worst-kept secret in Alameda about the Mif Albright – that Mayor Beverly Johnson is, behind closed doors, working to hand the course over to her long-time developer pal Ron Cowan.

The item came before City Council on Tuesday on a referral from Vice Mayor Doug deHaan who wanted to make sure that the results of task force created on January 6, 2010, to study the feasibility of a non-profit taking over the Mif, be included in an upcoming proposed operating plan for the Chuck Corica Golf Complex. That review was to come back to Council on February 25th, but has been delayed until March 2nd.

Alameda High School Girls' Golf Team and Mrs. Albright (Courtesy Keep the Mif Coalition)

Joe Van Winkle, an Alameda resident and parent of a youth golfer told Action Alameda News the “Keep the Mif” Coalition is pleased that council voted 5-0 to direct the City Manager to consider operating the Par 3 golf course through a non-profit organization run by Alameda citizens. We have the organization, the funding and the plan to make it happen and we look forward to bringing it back to council on March 2nd. If community support and involvement is what it takes to keep the course open, we are prepared to provide it.”

Mr. Van Winkle also shared with Action Alameda News a slide presentation on the status of the non-profit’s fund-raising efforts, which he had asked, but was refused, to present at the Tuesday City Council meeting. The “Keep The Mif” Coalition has set a goal to raise $40,000 to cover start-up costs associated with taking over the Mif course. That presentation is included below.

Presentation for 2-16-10 – Item 8-B

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