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Superintendent Expected to Recommend Split-Roll Parcel Tax at Tonight’s AUSD Board Meeting

Updated March 1, 2010: The proposed parcel tax would raise $14 million per year, for a total of $112 million over eight years. Previously, this story read “$14 million over eight years…”

At tonight’s Alameda Unified School District Board Meeting, AUSD Superintendent of Schools Kirsten Vital is expected to recommend that the board place a “split-roll” parcel tax on the ballot, which would replace the taxes levied by past school measures A and H, and raise approximately $14 million per year, each year, over eight years. The base parcel tax levy would be $659 per parcel per year for single family homes, duplexes and multifamily units with up to 4 units.

The District is still in litigation over Measure H with a group of local Alameda businesses who have organized under the name of “Alamedans for Fair Taxation” and who are opposed to the split-roll approach. Yesterday, the group shared with Action Alameda News a copy of a letter they sent to Alameda commercial property owners. In the letter, the group wrote “[We told Kirsten Vital] that under no circumstances will we agree on a ‘split-roll’ in the new tax. Our lawsuit against AUSD clearly states our belief that a split-roll is illegal.”

To bolster their position in both the Measure H lawsuit and the dispute over the proposed new tax, the group points to a ballot measure, widely believed to be backed by the California Teachers Association that would “legalize” split-roll property taxes. The measure, and related measures, may be before California voters this year.

In related news, on February 5th, the California Redevelopment Association reported that a Sacramento Superior Court Judge had heard arguments in a lawsuit filed by the Association against the State of California to prevent the transfer of over $2 billion in redevelopment subsidies to California schools. No decision was made, and the litigants were ordered to provide additional information to the court by today.

The proposal expected to be recommended by Ms. Vital tonight would tax multifamily buildings with 5 or more units, and commercial and industrial property at 13 cents per square foot, with a $9500 cap.

A representative for Alamedans for Fair Taxation noted that the split-roll approach was part of the basis of their lawsuit over Measure H.

The AUSD Superintendent’s presentation from the AUSD web site is included below.

Ausd Boe 022310 Parcel Tax Recommendation

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