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Aloha! You Can Learn to Hula in Alameda

Ever wanted to learn the hula? Now’s your chance, and you can do it in Alameda with the Tahitian and Hula Dance Company and the Poe ‘Ura Ori Tahiti Cultural Exchange.

Aunty Tea Aawapuhi was born and raised in Hawaii, where she learned to hula, and has danced for over 30 years. Aunty Tea has lived in Alameda for over 15 years and has been teaching for the past two years. Her Dance company teaches Tahitian and Hawaiian song, music, dance, language and culture. Aunty Tea says that she has studied under the legendary instructors of Tahiti, including Coco Hotahota of Temaeva, Aunty Roiti Tahauri Sylva, and Veronique Clemens.

Aunty Tea says that “Our classes are small and personal. Poe ‘Ura embraces the importance of a family environment instilling the ‘Polynesian Spirit’ within the group.” She also sent along these pictures below, of herself, and three of her classes.

If you want to try it out, you can get contact info on Yelp.

Aunty Tea Hula Pictures

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