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Alameda Municipal Power in no Hurry to Get a Bloom Box

The Bloom Box, from Bloom Energy in Sunnyvale is generating a lot of hype with its fuel cell design and promise to generate “energy anywhere” with few emissions. But Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) isn’t rushing to buy one yet.

We asked AMP where they stand on the Bloom Box, and got this response from Communications Supervisor Matt McCabe:

I’ve been in touch with Girish Balachandran, our General Manager. He presently is out of the office on business and asked that I provide the following to you.

This is a technology that is new. This is in an early stage development, and as the developer states, it currently needs substantial subsidies. If and when it gets to production stage at a reasonable cost, we would be very interested in integrating into our system.

Thank you for contacting us,


So don’t look for any Boxes here in Alameda soon, unless the vendor secures a deal with a private company for a direct placement onsite.

Learn more about the Bloom Box with this video:

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