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Junior Golfers, Parents and Golf Community Expected to Fill Council Chambers Again Tuesday Night

Supporters of the Mif Albright 9-hole golf course are expected to fill Alameda City Council chambers this Tuesday night to show support for keeping the course open.

Item 6-E on the Alameda City Council’s agenda is “Recommendation to Accept the Report on Potential Operation of the Mif Albright Course by a Non-Profit and Hear a Presentation by Alameda Junior Golf on Potential Lease and Operation of the Mif Albright Course. (Golf)”

The City Council packet for the item includes a number of letters from Alameda residents expressing disappointment that an agenda item for a non-profit organization to present their plan to take over the Mif Albright was pulled from the March 2nd City Council meeting.

Joe Van Winkle, an Alameda resident and parent of a youth-Mif Albright golfer told Action Alameda News that Mif Albright supporters turned out “en masse” at the January 6th, February 16th and March 2nd meetings only “to be denied again a chance to present their plan for non-profit operation of the Mif.”

Van Winkle told us that the “Keep the Mif” Coalition has met their initial fundraising goal of $40,000 by reaching out to a cross-section of golfers, parents of junior golfers and members of the community. Further, he says, they have a golf industry donor lined up who may make a six-figure donation to the Coalition.

Ed Owens, an Alameda resident, parent and soccer coach told us :

“Personally, I’m not a golfer, but I think that offering youth a wide range of outdoor sports and activities is key to fighting this overweight/obesity epidemic this country faces.

I’ve spoken with a lot of people my age who tell me about what Alameda was like when they were kids. City run sports leagues, plenty of parks and space for kids to play, acres of open space kids could ride bikes on, a couple dirt tracks for motorbikes. Its all been funneled into private sports leagues, like ASC, who fight each other for space to do their sport. All that space that kids used to have has been developed, putting further strain on what’s left.

And guess what is happening to the Mif.”

Mayor Johnson’s agenda is well-known. As we reported previously, her goal is transfer the Mif Albright course into the hands of her long-time supporter and friend, Ron Cowan, in exchange for another parcel on Bay Farm Island. In a May 23rd, 2009 interview with Fred Inglis for KTVU Channel 2 News, Johnson said “We’ll still have junior golf, it just won’t be here. [At the Mif Albright.]”

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