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wireAlameda Bungles Rally to Demonstrate Support for Google Fiber for Communities Project

Last week, Alameda City Council approved a resolution supporting the City’s application to participate in Google’s Fiber for Communities, as well as to work closely with a local group called wireAlameda on the application. wireAlameda had planned a rally today at Alameda Point to demonstrate support for the project, but it didn’t happen.

On February 10th, Action Alameda news reported that Google was issuing a call for applications for its “Fiber for Communities Initiative” which promises Internet connection speeds of 1 Gbps, or roughly 100 times faster than the residential internet connection you are using now.

The City of Alameda intends to submit an official application to Google, and has vowed to work closely with wireAlameda, one of the founders of which is Howard Ashcraft, husband of City of Alameda Planning Board member Marilyn Ashcraft.

wireAlameda had planned an event at 2 p.m. today in the parking lot near the Hornet Museum, where they would take a large overhead photograph of Alameda residents showing support for the Google project. However, the event was canceled, after some publicity, because, as wireAlameda explained on their website, “the logistics required couldn’t be pulled together fast enough.” wireAlameda’s website explains that they are planning another rally for Sunday, March 28th.

At around 2 p.m. today, Action Alameda News identified one would-be Google supporter at the Hornet Museum parking lot. He declined to be interviewed.

1 comment to wireAlameda Bungles Rally to Demonstrate Support for Google Fiber for Communities Project

  • ATown

    Demonstration in favor of the winter sport of Internet on the first day of Spring? We need another campaign idea. . .because GoogleFiber would be great, of course. Pull out your iPhones while standing in line at the A. Theatre Complex on next Saturday night and Twitter away. .. ? #GoogleFiber

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