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SunCal Submits Measure A Compliant Plan for Alameda Point Including 3,510 New Homes

Yesterday, SunCal submitted to the City of Alameda an “Optional Entitlement Application” (OEA) development plan for Alameda Point that includes 3,510 new homes and the redevelopment of roughly 202 existing residential units. The plan includes approximately 4.57 million square feet of commercial uses.

SunCal presumably would apply for a density bonus on the plan, which if granted at the maximum bonus level (35%) across all new and existing homes would mean they would be entitled to build and redevelop over 5,000 homes at Alameda Point.

In a footnote to their cover letter for the application, SunCal writes “This modification to the prior OEA submittal is not a waiver by Developer of its reserved rights with respect to the
City-issued Notice of Default, as specified in the reservation of rights letter delivered to you concurrently herewith.” Last week, a SunCal representative told City Council that they dispute that they are in default of the Exclusive Negotiating Agreement, and that they intended to send a “reservation letter” with their new OEA submission.

1 comment to SunCal Submits Measure A Compliant Plan for Alameda Point Including 3,510 New Homes

  • Barb

    SUNCAL equals GREEDCAL. The two are one and the same. If they can’t overbuild Alameda’s egress one way they wil try it another. All it is doing is buying time before it’s attorneys figure out the most profitable way for SUNCAL to sue Alameda, and maximize the screwing of Alameda’s residents.

    Soon we will just have SUNCAL’s attorneys and AUSD attorneys. No schools no teachers, no workers, no builders. Just a bunch of greedy persons who focus on money as the highest value in their otherwise unnotable achievements.

    No thanks. You blew it SUNCAL. Take your ball and go home. We don’t want to play with you.

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