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Save Our City! Alameda Plan Doesn’t Go Far Enough

[We received this letter in regards to the Save Our City! Alameda alternate development plan for Alameda Point.]

Dear Editor,

Interestingly, I sent a letter to the Alameda Sun a couple of days ago. In that letter I pointed out the contamination issues, that the types of development planned are obsolete and not appropriate for an island city, and that since we owned our own utility, we were well-positioned to make this conversion ourselves.

I then stated that I envisioned a solar/wind farm, with much reduced housing/commercial. In fact, I was searching the web for acreage, and wind and sun statistics when I ran across this site. I actually envision even more than [the Save Our City! Alameda] proposal.

I envision that in addition to a full-scale solar/wind farm, that we also begin to convert buildings, connecting them to the larger farm grid. The idea is that, over a period of time, and depending on the pace of technology, Alameda could become an energy producing city and its property owners individual energy producers, perhaps on a very large scale eventually. A utility tax could pay for construction and helping property owners convert.

– Don Scroggins, Alameda

3 comments to Save Our City! Alameda Plan Doesn’t Go Far Enough

  • Scientists are getting very close to a nanotechnology that will enable homeowners to paint a thin layer of silicon on their roofs that will convert sunlight to electricity. Much less expensive than current solar panels. There are also solar panels in the works with several layers of silicon that each convert a different band of the sunlight to electricity, thereby generating power even on a cloudy day. It’s very exciting stuff, and I love the idea of a wind farm at the Point!

    Dennis Green

  • Barb

    Don, thank your for your research, insight and leadership. You are not content to sit back and regurgitate the sputum flowing from SUNCAL and its 13 (now 15) disciples. Is there any way we can get someone like you to run for City Council?

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