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Alameda Police Release Pictures of Bank Robber

Alameda police released pictures today of a suspect in a recent Alameda bank robbery.

Police say that on March 19 at 1:43 p.m., the suspect entered the Citibank at 2420 Santa Clara Avenue in Alameda and demanded money from the bank teller. The teller gave the suspect cash and he fled on foot. No weapon was used and no one was injured.

Alameda police believe the same suspect was involved in two separate recent bank robberies, one at Chase Bank in Walnut Creek on March 1st, and a second at Chase Bank in Livermore on March 22nd.

Police describe the suspect as a black male adult, 20-30 years old, 5’8” to 6’ tall, approximately 200 pounds, with bushy eyebrows, a goatee style mustache and beard that extends from ear to ear, and say that the police departments of Alameda, Livermore, Walnut Creek, and the FBI are investigating.

Anyone that knows the identity of the suspect (pictures below) or anything about these crimes should call the FBI at 415-553-7400 (24 hour number), and/or Detective Hank Morten with the Alameda Police Department Violent Crimes Unit at 510-337-8351.

Alameda Citibank Robber (Alameda PD)

Walnut Creek Chase Bank Robber (Alameda PD)

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