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Groupon Expands Online Deal Presence to Include Alameda

Groupon, a Chicago-based online collective shopping website, announced today that they have added Alameda to their list of East Bay cities included in their San Francisco regional presence.

Groupon is part of a resurgance of online shopping sites that attempt to use the power of group purchasing and team buying to provide deals to consumers. The company launched their service for San Francisco area residents in June 2009, and recently added Alameda, Oakland and Berkeley to their consumer deal roster. Alameda is to be included in the “East Bay” area of the San Francisco region on their website.

In the first week in the East Bay, Groupon expects that featured deals will include those from restaurants, photo studios and salons and spas. A cursory visit to the site by Action Alameda News revealed no Alameda deals yet.

Groupon indicates that businesses that want to be featured on Groupon should visit their Grouponworks website.

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