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Disabled Voter Won’t Get Fooled Again on Measure E

Disabled Alameda resident Maria Zanetti voted “yes” on Measure H, the last AUSD parcel tax, in 2008, expecting to get the “disabled” exemption that campaign literature promised. Then she found out she didn’t qualify for the exemption. Now she says she won’t be fooled again.

In September, 2008, we reported on Maria Zanetti’s experience in trying to get an exemption from Measure H; she even sought help from Sixteenth District State Assemblymember Sandre Swanson.

Ms. Zanetti voted for Measure H in 2008, believing she would be entitled to the exemption, as reports in the local press, and campaign literature, stated that “the disabled qualify for exemption.” The campaign literature in 2008 was produced by a pro-Measure H parcel tax committee, Keep Alameda Schools Excellent (KASE), who’s principals include some of the same people on this year’s pro-Measure E parcel tax committee, Alamedans Protecting Learning at Underfunded Schools (APLUS).

She was denied the exemption because she is receiving Social Security Disability Insurance payments, rather than Supplemental Security Income payments. Government code provides an exemption for the latter, but not the former.

As a result, this year, Ms. Zanetti told Action Alameda News, she is planning to vote “no” on Measure E.

2008 Measure H KASE Campaign Documentation, Referencing Exemption for Disabled People

2 comments to Disabled Voter Won’t Get Fooled Again on Measure E

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Ms. Zanetti and Action Alameda, I was going to vote YES, but I am just like you.

    Honesty, accuracy, math skills, and truthfulness apparently are not in the curriculum offered by AUSD.

  • After three heart attacks and quad bypass surgery, and after my cardiologist proclaimed I should sell my ad agency and drop the stress, I applied for Social Security Disability. After several interviews and a treadmill test, I was denied, and so went back to work, as a teacher at Hayward State and Cal Berkeley Extension. I also did a lot of freelance copywriting for various clients, including Hewlett-Packard, CeCe Blase Real Estate and AutoDesk.

    So I understand how easily one can be denied disability payments or exemptions, and I sympathize with Ms. Zenetti, and all those who were denied that parcel tax exemption.

    The larger issue remains the quality of our schools, however, and the accountability of AUSD, which must come first, before we approve any more parcel tax bailouts.


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