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Neighbors Organize to Fight Boatworks Project

Last month, the City of Alameda released the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the “Boatworks Residential Project” – a plan to put 242 housing units on a 9.5 acre site on the north shore of Alameda, one block west of the Park Street bridge. Area residents that prefer to see a park there are organizing public opposition to the plan.

The developer of the project, Francis Collins, wants to demolish all existing structures on the site, including five vacant warehouse buildings and build the 242 units. Collins has tangled in court with the City of Alameda in the past over plans to develop the location. According to the DEIR, all new buildings would be just over 37′ in height (three stories) and the development would be separated from the waters edge by an 8′ esplanade. A private, 2-way internal roadway would circulate traffic through the project from Oak Street and Clement Avenue. The plan also calls for a 36 berth small-boat marina.

Location of the Boatworks Site

Alameda residents Joseph Woodard and Dorothy Freeman have long opposed Collins’ plans for the site, and have advocated instead for a 10 acre park along the estuary that would be consistent with the City of Alameda’s 1991 Master Plan, and would reduce the amount of land available for homes. The couple is circulating a flyer among residents that proposes the 10 acre estuary park and only 125 homes, instead of 242.

“We want more than an 8′ public sidewalk along the estuary waterfront,” stated Ms. Freeman, “and we want the 10 acre waterfront park as promised in the master plan. The developer’s idea of public access to the waterfront is an 8′ wide esplanade and a 150′ x 60′ oval patch of open space. And we do not want traffic on the Park Street bridge to be increased beyond mitigation.”

Freeman is asking residents to submit input the City of Alameda Planning Department, by 5:00pm on April 26th. (Address below.) The DEIR is available for public review online here.

To submit public comment, contact:

City of Alameda
Community Development Department
2263 Santa Clara Avenue
Room 190, Alameda, CA 94501-4477
Attn:Andrew Thomas, Boatworks DEIR

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  • Anonymous

    Draft an initiative to keep it open space ala Jean Sweeney and the SP property. It will pass.