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Try ReadyReturn for Your State Income Tax Return

You may qualify to use ReadyReturn to file your State of California Income Tax Return. The State says that more than 22,406 Alameda County residents qualify.

ReadyReturn is a free State of California service intended to simplify the filing of income tax returns. The State uses information already on file from your last return, and your W-2 to pre-fill the return.

According to a press release from the California Franchise Tax Board, taxpayers qualify for ReadyReturn if they:

  • Filed a 2008 state resident tax return with a filing status of single or head of household.
  • Had no more than five dependents, claimed no special credits other than the renter’s credit, and took the standard deduction on their 2008 return.
  • Had only one employer in 2009.

For taxpayers that qualify, the Franchise Tax Board says that it allows you to complete your State return within minutes.

You can check to see if you qualify at the Board’s website – all you need is your social security number and last name.

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