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Alameda Elementary Schools Left out of California Distinguished Schools List This Year

Alameda’s elementary schools were shut of the 2010 Distinguished Schools Awards, announced today.

According to a California Department of Education press release, schools earning the Distinguished School title agree to share their signature practices with other schools and serve as a mentor to other educators who want to replicate the work

“It is an honor to recognize the schools, and the students, parents, teachers, and administrators who helped earn this most prestigious distinction,” said state Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell. “The 2010 California Distinguished Schools have been selected because of their academic excellence and for narrowing achievement gaps. These schools have persevered despite state budget cutbacks that have cut deeply into the budgets of local school districts. I encourage educators throughout our state to review the signature practices that Distinguished Schools are using to improve student achievement.” However, those words fell empty on Alameda schools this year, as none were named to the list.

Fremont Unified School District topped the award count in Alameda County, with nine schools named to the list; Oakland Unified followed with four schools named. According to data provided on the Department of Education’s website, the Alameda school district has had an elementary school named to the distinguished schools list 8 times since from 1986 to 2009. Fremont’s elementary schools have been named to the list 17 times, during the same time period, or 26 times including this year. Oakland Unified School District has had elementary schools named on the Distinguished Schools list 15 times from 1986 to 2010. Berkeley Unified School District has had elementary schools named to the list 12 times, including two schools recognized this year.

Amelia Earhart school on Bay Farm Island in Alameda was recognized as a distinguished school in 2008.

1 comment to Alameda Elementary Schools Left out of California Distinguished Schools List This Year

  • Ho Li

    I had two sons and one daughter at Edison Elementary. I just pulled my eldest son, who was in GATE program, out to a private school. I also requested intra-district transfer for my other two. Most of the teachers preach ethnic equality but practice the opposite.

    Principal Sweet and many of the teachers can deal with ‘puppet’ students only. They have no knowledge on the mind of children, but they do not want to know or deal with it, either. They are incapable of attending to each child as a different child, not clones that could all be taught the same way. I heard that many public schools are like this nowadays.

    Normal expected child mischief is punished by suspension at this school, and they want you to take your children to psychologists. I would say ‘no no’ to any request of most of the teachers for a pay rise simply because of their poor performance. These teachers and principal do not have the hearts to be teachers or educators, and are simply not the ones that I had in the old days. The ones that I had would take time to solve problems. You simply cannot talk to most of the teachers and Sweet after the school bell rings at Edison. They show gender and racial preference. Differential treatment confused my children. Issues are usually exaggerated by some of the caucasian teachers. It is not your school if you are Chinese.

    I strongly agree that they should be paid by their overall performance graded by parents and child performance, and Principal Sweet should not be exempted. I spent much time teaching my children not to sit on any floor that everybody walked on. Sweet ordered my child to sit on a stairway. My child refused. She did not bother asking for a reason before she suspended my child. I expect this to come from a power-hungry person without proper parental education, but not from a school principal.

    I am not an experienced teacher but I am an experienced student. I completed medical school, business school and law school and I know what good teachers are like. Aitkens asked students to write on the topic ‘how to revenge on your parents’? I wonder why this country has so much school killing. This school will, undoubtedly, create many more unhappy students. Their hatred will affect their lives for many years to come. Before ending these remarks, I have to give much credits to Mr. Meader for taking care of my child. Sweet, Turner and Aitkens should really be educated again before they are allowed to approach children.

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