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Miss Alameda Gives Opening Remarks at Grand Re-modeling of Salon Marcello

Earlier today, Miss Alameda, Jessica Robinson, gave the opening remarks at an event celebrating the grand re-opening of Salon Marcello in Alameda. Miss Alameda’s remarks celebrated the life of salon owner Shahla Taj.

Shahla Taj, the owner of Salon Marcello, left her native Afghanistan in 1982 during the Soviet war in that country. “I locked the door of my house at 5 a.m. one morning and left through the mountains,” she told Action Alameda News, “it’s very hard starting over from zero in a new country, with two children, but I did it.”

Ms. Taj began working at Salon Marcello in 1984, and has owned the salon since 1995. She now has three grown adult children who helped organize today’s event. The salon has been re-modeled for 2010. “It’s a very old building, that was built just after World War Two,” said Taj, “and it’s a lot of work to maintain it. But the salon has been here for fifty years, and we’re looking forward to the next fifty.”

Miss Alameda and Salon Marcello owner Shahla Taj

Miss Alameda at the Microphone at Salon Marcello

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