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Washington Elementary School Gets Comcast Charity

Yesterday, Washington Elementary School received a charity “spruce up” courtesy of Comcast. The event was part of Comcast Cares Day, which saw more than 55,000 Comcast volunteers participate in over 550 community service projects across the country.

According to statement by Comcast from their headquarters in Philadelphia, the first Comcast Cares Day took place in 2001, and since then, volunteers have donated over 1.3 million hours of service to various communities across the country; Saturday’s efforts will bring the total to nearly 1.7 million.

In an interview with CBS 5 news, Washington Elementary School Principal Elyse Belanger said, “We have 49 different languages spoken here…no one group has a dominant presence, so this really celebrates all of the diversity….We’re what’s called a Title I school, and that means that a significant portion of our parents are in poverty and our children come from poverty, so, at other schools on the island they have very wealthy parents.”

Elementary schools such as Edison, Franklin and Frank Otis, in the traditionally wealthy east-end and Gold Coast neighborhoods of Alameda are the top three schools in terms of white student enrollment, with 71%, 54% and 51% of students, respectively, identifying as white. Washington Elementary’s white enrollment, at 17% is among the lowest of Alameda’s schools.

The clean-up of Washington Elementary comes as the battle over AUSD’s Measure E parcel tax heats up. An analysis by Action Alameda News, using the telephone book, of the addresses of committee members of APLUS, the chief proponent group, shows that the majority of APLUS committee members live in the Edison and Otis elementary school districts. Those addresses are illustrated with markers in light blue, on the map below.

View AUSD School Sites And Parcel Tax Committee Member in a larger map

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