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Alameda’s Interim City Manager Suggests Park Facility Master Plan

By Erica Madison

Good news for park enthusiasts – over 12 parks in Alameda have been identified for a major overhaul; the bad news is, there’s no money available to begin even the most crucial repairs.

The twelve parks Identified as needing repair are:

• Franklin
• Godfrey
• Harringtonfield
• Krusi
• Leydecker
• Lincoln
• Little John
• Mckinley
• Shoreline
• Tillman
• Washington
• Woodstock 

Recently, Interim City Manager Ann Marie Gallant introduced a report on park and facility maintenance to members of Alameda City Council. In the report she urged the Council to direct her to create a park and facility master plan. Gallant said it was an opportune time for Alameda City to create a master plan, which outlines the work needed to be done. Doing the necessary planning now will allow them to be ready for when development does pick up.

Another benefit to creating a park and facility master plan is to gain more funding.

“It’s easier to apply for grants if we have a master plan,” said Gallant.

Although Measure WW funding will be used, there is not enough money to ensure the repair of all the parks.

Here is the laundry list of work these parks need:

Park lighting is needed at Shoreline, Washington and Franklin parks.

Park pathways: Krusi, Lincoln, shoreline, Washington parks need to fix stairways and potholes.

Basketball and tennis court surfaces need to be resurfaced at Washington, Leydecker, Krusi, Lincoln, Franklin and Mckinley parks.

Pool centers need immediate work. Emma hood and Encinal swim centers are over 40 years old, and the pools need to be resurfaced, the filtration system needs to be replaced, and locker rooms need to be update.

Renovation of outdated facilities at Leydecker, Lincoln, McKinley and Woodstock is needed. Specifically the kitchens need to be renovated, because they are inadequate for holding events.

Fencing needs to be replaced in Little John, Franklin, McKinley, Godfrey, Tillman, Washington and Lincoln parks.

“We need to address this fairly quickly,” said a park and recreation representative.

The City needs to replace all field lights, because the field lights are so old the parts needed to replace them are impossible to find.

Lastly irrigation upgrades are needed in Franklin, Jackson, Leydecker, Lincoln, Mckinley, Tillman and Harringtonfield.

“Upgrading to digital systems will help decrease water use and operation costs”, said a park and recreation representative, “irrigation is insufficient.”

The interim City Manager and the Parks and Recreation department are hoping that additional funding will allow for these repairs to happen sometime in the future.

“A few million set aside each year will allow us to create a fund for repairing the parks. As it stands we can’t renovate all of these parks,” said Gallant.

4 comments to Alameda’s Interim City Manager Suggests Park Facility Master Plan

  • This report makes it all the more obvious that the WW Bond funds cannot be spent on the Boys & Girls Club new housing. If they are, voters will not likely be so mislead again, into believing they are voting to approve a fund dedicated to the city parks which can actually be hijacked by private interests.

    I’m also hoping, if WW funds are kept intact, that the city will devote, and we voters will approve funding for converting the old Alameda Beltlines into an open space and parkland named after Jean Sweeney!


  • Anonymous

    What percentage is the City’s responsibility for funding the resurfacing of the Encinal and Alameda High swim centers? These facilities are used by AUSD and closed to the public much of the time. Is AUSD paying the majority of this cost? Is the new parcel tax going to go to pay for this resurfacing? I could go for that.

  • There’s nothing in the ballot language about using this money for capital costs, like re-surfacing the pool.

    The District has a separate fund for capital costs, the District Capital Outlay Fund kept by the City of Alameda. The money is a “redevelopment pass-through” fund – redevelopment projects take local property taxes away from schools, so there is a “pass-through” mechanism to give a little bit of that money back. There’s probably about $500K in there right now.

  • propubliceducation

    AUSD spend parcel tax money to resurface pools? lol! Unless somehow that’s a Special Interest Group. Franklin? LGBT?