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FPPC Asks APLUS for Evidence of Local Filing of Campaign Documents

The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) has asked Alamedans Protecting Learning at Underfunded Schools (APLUS), the local political action committee urging the passage of Measure E, to produce evidence of filing their initial campaign statements locally.

The request from the FPPC is a response to an inquiry from Action Alameda News; As Action Alameda News previously reported, as of Friday, April 16th, the City Clerk’s office of the City of Alameda had no statements from APLUS on file. California law requires ballot measure political action committees (PAC) to file with the local City Clerk or City Registrar of Voters when campaigning for or against a measure that is submitted to voters only of that city.

From the California Secretary of State’s website:

Elected city officials, candidates for city office, their controlled committees, committees primarily formed to support or oppose such candidates, officers or ballot measures being voted upon within one city, and city general purpose committees must file the original and one copy with the City Clerk or City Registrar of Voters. (Government Code section 84215 (e))

The request from the Fair Political Practices Commission was sent to Charles Weiland, the Treasurer for APLUS. Action Alameda News received a courtesy copy of the request from the FPPC. Mr. Weiland received a courtesy copy of the Action Alameda News inquiry form from the FPPC as well.

The California Fair Political Practices Commission regulates campaign spending, financing and reporting and is generally an oversight body for election financing in California. Filing campaign statements at the city level in elections that pertain only to a given city facilitates access to campaign organization and filing statements by the voters affected. If APLUS filed their campaign statements for Measure E only with the FPPC in Sacramento and the Alameda County Registrar of Voters, and not with Alameda City Hall, voters and news organizations in Alameda would have to go to the Alameda Registrar of Voters office in Oakland, rather than City Hall, to research campaign filings.

APLUS had not responded to an e-mail inquiry for comment by press time.

2 comments to FPPC Asks APLUS for Evidence of Local Filing of Campaign Documents

  • Thanks to Alameda Action News for the update. This is simply more evidence of the general incompetence in the AUSD management offices, where hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent on outside attorneys defending ill-conceived legislation, apparent conflicts of interest abound, and $300 an hour is spent on outside political consultants, Erwin & Muir, an Oakland-based firm which has designed past parcel tax measures, such as Alameda’s “Measure H.”

    You would imagine that a savvy firm like Erwin & Muir would understand that such a filing for a PAC is California law, and would be one of the first things they would do. If only…

    As a veteran political and marketing consultant myself, and a former teacher, I want to see improvement in the AUSD outcomes, not just more protection for the teachers’ unions, which appears to be at the heart of all these parcel tax initiatives. Measure E is NOT about the students, but all about protecting the status quo. If that status quo were more admirable, I’d be supporting AUSD.

    But it’s not. Go online. Check out test scores and the enormous achievement gap in AUSD schools. We need reform, not just more knee-jerk increased funding!


  • Campaign filing forms clearly state that the forms should be filed in the City where the campaign is operating.

    The APLUS form 410 is now on file with the Alameda City Clerk.

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