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Park and Recreation Reveals Major Neglect of Alameda Parks

By Erica Madison

“We’re looking at deferred maintenance”, said Vice-Mayor Doug deHaan.  “What kind of budget do we have set aside for these major repairs?”

Vice Mayor deHaan was asking this question in regards to a report given by Interim City Manager Ann Marie Gallant regarding the need for park and facility repairs.

Gallant said that first an assessment was needed in order to gauge the amount of funds needed to perform the repairs.

“A $140,000 assessment to help create a budget to prevent deferred maintenance”, said Gallant.

Among the laundry list of work needed to repair the parks and facility, the Council was surprised to hear that the parks’ trees also needed help.

The trees are at or near maximum life expectancy and are starting to fall down. The current Master Street Tree plan only included street trees.

The interim City Manager suggested that another master tree plan for parks should be added into the proposed parks facilities master plan.

“Falling trees is a major hazard”, said Mayor Beverly Johnson, “We need to take action before they fall because we have some pretty big trees.”

1 comment to Park and Recreation Reveals Major Neglect of Alameda Parks

  • Barb

    Rather than spend tens of thousands on a parks tree plan, the City has some wonderfully competent tree people. They can make suggestions and recommendations without diverting staff time. They already do this free of charge anyway. Why not let the tree aficiandos make a short list of major needed changes for the parks covering irrigation, replacement and similar items? I know that it would not have the detail of a master park tree plan. But hey we are in an economic downturn. People are actually losing their jobs. Then the hard money can be used to implement their sugggestions.

    I would be glad to donate to a fund for tree replacement/ improvement if the City would dedicate the funds for that sole purpose. How about $659 a year?

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