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Alameda City Staff Report Questions SunCal’s Plan for Alameda Point

A City of Alameda staff report raises many questions about SunCal’s alternative development plan for Alameda Point, including SunCal’s handling of transportation planning issues. SunCal’s alternate plan could put as many as 5,000 homes at Alameda Point.

The report notes that Chapter 5 of SunCal’s plan “is essentially the conceptual transportation strategy contained in the 2006 PDC” and that SunCal’s plan “has done little to advance these previous efforts.” The 2006 Preliminary Development Concept (PDC) was a document produced by the City of Alameda outlining a development plan for Alameda Point in broad terms.

Tonight’s staff report also questions how SunCal plans to route its proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system from Alameda Point through downtown Oakland, and whether the Oakland Chinatown and Fruitvale communities have been consulted about the idea. The Oakland Chinatown community sued the City of Alameda several years ago over development plans for Alameda Point, worried that traffic generated from the development would negatively impact their neighborhood immediately on the other side of the Webster and Posey Tubes.

Compounding SunCal’s transportation problem for Alameda Point is a recent report from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission forecasting a $25 billion shortfall in transit funding between now and the year 2033. The report notes that, since 1997, transit costs in the San Francisco Bay Area have increased by 52%, while revenue hours and ridership grew by only 16% and 7%

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