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Doggone Busted!

Alameda police announced today that they have arrested one of the owners of Max, a dog that was the beneficiary of a mid-night kennel-break yesterday, just hours before it was to be euthanized.

Police say that today, they interviewed and arrested Richard Cochran, 57, of Alameda, one of the dog’s owners, for burglary and conspiracy; police contacted Cochran at his residence this morning and he went with police to headquarters for an interview. According to police Cochran hatched a plan to steal Max from the animal shelter after the court order for euthanasia was confirmed. Cochran apparently planned the burglary with two other associates his girlfriend and co-owner of the dog, Melissa Perry, 38 of Alameda. Cochran purchased a set of bolt-cutters from a local store.

Police are still looking for the dog, and the two associates.

Richard Cochran, 57

Melissa Perry

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