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Who Let the Dog Out?

Alameda Police are treating as a burglary the liberation from the Alameda Animal Shelter of a Pit-bull named “Max,” who was previously deemed “dangerous” and scheduled for euthanasia yesterday afternoon.

According to the Alameda PD, the Police Department received a call yesterday morning from the Alameda Animal Shelter on Fortmann Way, which is not far from the Grand Street boat ramp. Police determined that persons unknown cut through a cyclone fence to gain entry to the perimeter of the Shelter, and then used bolt cutters to cut off the lock for a kennel, then crawled through and removed Max. The dog had been deemed “dangerous” the day prior by the Alameda County Superior Court, after two different bite incidents in January and March of this year.

Max is a 3 year old, 70 pound, red colored male Pit-bull, and anyone with information on the whereabouts of the dog is asked to contact Alameda PD immediately at 510-337-8340. (Or dial 9-1-1 in a life-threatening emergency.) Police also released a photo of the dog.

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